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Door Entry Systems

Entry Installations

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Our company is highly experienced in all aspects of door entry installation, whether it be an individual door entry system or one required to service a high rise block of flats.

Regular investment in only the most modern equipment ensures that we are able to offer a range of systems which are stylish in appearance yet specifically designed to withstand both vandalism and the rigours of our country’s weather.

Often it can prove necessary to limit people’s access to certain buildings or areas.

Whether it be the entrance to a hospital, school or sports club, internal computer rooms or drug stores, these devices allow authorised personnel or members to get in while keeping unwanted visitors out.

By simply punching a four digit code into a keypad or presenting a programmed fob to a proximity access reader, entry can be gained.

Whatever the methods adopted the end result is safer, more secure premises.

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Door Monitoring

There has never been a time when the issue of school security has been so prominent in the consciousness of everyone.

While it is now accepted that controlling access to school buildings has become a necessity, the question inevitably arises: How much will it cost to effectively secure these premises? The systems illustrated here offer a range of ways in which to secure and monitor school entrances at a cost effective price. Obviously the requirements of each building will vary depending on certain factors and we will always be happy to meet with and advise you accordingly, completely free of charge or obligation.

Automatic Door Openers

Robertson Acom's experience in this field ensures that considerations such as door widths appropriate for wheelchair access, controlled entry design and application, clear viewing provision and relevant signage are all taken into account.

All of our automatic door installations come inclusive of safety presence sensors to ensure the door cannot open or close if obstructed; they can include a fail safe system that will automatically open or close the door in the event of a power failure or activation of a fire alarm.

Automatic doors can be designed to open via any combination of controlled entry telephone handsets, proximity access tokens, remote hand held transmitters, Push to Open pads, infra red activation sensors or Emergency Release units. Whatever your automatic door requirements we feel sure that our company can provide a tailor-made, practical system appropriate to your needs.